26 APR 2012


Dr Dan outside Ipswich Hospital

Dr Dan Poulter, Member of Parliament for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, has called on hospital managers to recruit for a vital community specialist nurse post at Ipswich Hospital. The hospital cut the frontline Multiple Sclerosis Nurse post in September 2011 and the position has remained vacant for the past six months.

Dr Poulter has also urged hospital bosses to ensure that key stakeholders, such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society, are properly consulted as part of plans to develop a jointly funded specialist nurse post with the Suffolk Primary Care Trust.

Ipswich Hospital recently carried out a review of the specialist Multiple Sclerosis post and found the position to be of great importance, particularly as a way of supporting Multiple Sclerosis patients in their own homes and communities, thereby preventing inappropriate hospital admissions. The hospital is now in the process of developing a new jointly funded specialist post with the Primary Care Trust, as part of wider plans to deliver a new model of integrated care that provides better care in the community for MS patients.

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