12 SEP 2014

Dr Dan Backs Local Residents In Fight Over Gypsy Lane Railway Crossing

MPs Dr Dan Poulter and David Ruffley have called for an urgent meeting with Network Rail Chief Mark Carne to raise serious concerns about the future of Gypsy Lane Railway crossing at Needham Market.

Gypsy Lane crossing has a history of accidents and following a fatality in 2011 an investigation took place resulting in a report by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch recommending the closure of the crossing.

Network Rail have since proposed the building of a pedestrian footbridge but this has met with strong opposition from local residents who have gained the support of their local MPs in the fight to get Network Rail to build an underpass on the site.

A petition signed by 800 local people outlining their objections to further work on a footbridge and urging the construction of an underpass has now been sent to the CEO of Network Rail by the MPs.

Dr Poulter said:

"I will always stand up for the best interests of residents, and it is essential that their views are heard. The large number of signatures on the petition emphasises the importance and strength of feeling on this issue.

"We intend to meet with Network Rail's Chief Exexutive Mark Carne as a matter of urgency to discuss this and push for the underpass."

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