17 MAY 2019

Suffolk MP, Dr Dan Poulter, visits Fressingfield Primary School

Fressingfield Primary School welcomed their local MP, Dr Dan Poulter, last Friday where he very much enjoyed talking to pupils about his work as an MP here in Suffolk.

Meeting with the pupils, a lively discussion ensued covering the pros and cons of nuclear energy, paying particular regard to the construction of Sizewell C and its potential impact on Suffolk's natural environment and existing road and rail infrastructure.

After such a vibrant audience with the students, Dr Dan added that "It's always gratifying to see our younger students here in Suffolk so engaged with politics and the wider issues, especially putting forward such carefully considered and well informed questions. Fressingfield Primary School always offers me an exceptionally warm welcome and it was clear to me that the students had done their homework in researching this topical issue."

Aside from speaking with the pupils, Dr Dan also met with Head Teacher, Mr Mark Taylor, and Chair of Governors, Mr Garry Deeks, to discuss concerns around the new home to school transport policy.


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