12 OCT 2018

Palgrave Primary School hosts Government visit

Dr Dan Poulter, was delighted to welcome the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt. Hon. Damian Hinds, MP to Palgrave Primary School on Friday 12th October.

Keen to support the school in its endeavours to secure new facilities, Dr Dan invited the Education Secretary to visit the school and see for himself the fantastic work going on here, despite the challenges faced.

Palgrave Primary School is a very popular village school and with excellent road and rail connections to London via Diss Railway Station, and the village of Palgrave is fast becoming a popular choice for relocation from London, with further proposed housing development anticipated in the years ahead. In recent years, there has been a drive to maximise pupil numbers and to increase educational attainment; Palgrave Primary School have achieved exactly that, yet it appears that they are now a victim of their own success.

The school is housed in a traditional, old school building with no land surrounding it, so there is no capacity for the school building to grow in its current site. The small playground cannot accommodate all of the children at break times and there is no dedicated, outdoor space for the children to enjoy outdoor activities or sports.

Palgrave Primary extended a very warm welcome indeed and during his visit to the school, the Education Secretary was all too pleased to join in with the children's activities, adding "It was fantastic to meet with teachers and pupils at the wonderful Palgrave Primary School, and to hear about the importance of the school to the local community."

"I was given a very warm welcome, and the enthusiasm of the pupils and the dedication of the teachers were clear to see. We want all children to have the chances and choices to fulfil their potential, and I look forward to hearing how the inspiring work at Palgrave continues."

Dr Dan added "I have long been supportive of Palgrave CEVC Primary School and am delighted that the Secretary of State for Education accepted my invitation to visit the school and see for himself the fantastic work going on here, despite the obvious challenges presented by the Victorian building. Only a few years ago, the school was struggling with around 40 pupils, but with pupil numbers now in excess of 80, there is a pressing need for new, fit-for-purpose facilities."

"Palgrave Primary School is thriving and will, of course, continue to deliver an excellent programme of education for its children, but with the opportunity to grow further and with new facilities, a whole new generation of children can continue to share and benefit from what's on offer here."

Mrs Julia Waters, Headteacher, said "We feel truly honoured that the Secretary of State has visited our school. I am proud of the excellent staff, pupils and community who have made this school such a success. We are a school for the community and I feel very sad when I have refuse places to local children who deserve the best education".

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