12 OCT 2018

NFU Welcome Local MP to Farming Breakfast Summit

On Friday, Dr Dan Poulter was welcomed to Athelington Hall by NFU Regional Director, Rachel Carrington, NFU Regional Chair, Glenn Buckingham, and Chairman of the Diss Branch, Mr David Barker, as part of a wider meeting with local farmers.

During the meeting, Dr Dan heard from local farmers, food producers and the agricultural sector their feedback and concerns on all manner of topics, not least of all, how agricultural policy will be affected as Britain draws ever closer to leaving the European Union. Common themes reported by all were concerns around seasonal and migrant labour, standards of animal welfare and traceability, environmental practice and food production costs.

Dr Dan also heard members' concerns about the recent increase in illegal hare-coursing, resulting in trespass and damage to land and property. Keen to support the farming community in their pursuits to stop this cruel and barbaric practice, Dr Dan has pledged to do all that he can to help. The Government is clear that responsibility for tackling this issue lies with local police forces and commendably, Suffolk Constabulary are doing all that they can to tackle the issue head on. Dr Dan has been in touch with Suffolk's Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable to offer his support.

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