07 DEC 2018

Local MP, Dr Dan Poulter, visits Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy to congratulate the special school on their Outstanding Ofsted Rating

Following a recent Ofsted inspection and an Outstanding Rating being awarded, local MP Dr Dan Poulter was delighted to visit Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy in Ipswich to congratulate staff and pupils on their inspiring achievements.

Inspectors praised the Academy and the Trust for their strong partnership and the ongoing improvement, since the Academy joined earlier= in February 2018, saying that they found Thomas Wolsey to be an academy where students are very happy, and parents have confidence in the school and feel their child is safe.

Dr Poulter visited the academy, which provides high-quality provision to children and young people with physical and/or sensory, medical or learning needs, to see for himself its outstanding success. During the visit, Dr Dan met the Principal, Helen MacDougall, and was introduced to Thomas Wolsey's 'person-centred approach' through a new curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of students.

Dr Dan also held a Q&A session with students to discuss his role as a Member of Parliament and his work across the constituency.

Concluding the visit, Dr Dan said "It was a real honour to visit Thomas Wolsey and to support the wonderful work they are doing with the support of its excellent sponsor, Ormiston Academies Trust. It was great to talk with Helen and her brilliant team about how they deliver every day for their students and I very much enjoyed taking questions from a group of very inquisitive and interested young people. I am confident that Thomas Wolsey will continue to go from strength to strength and I look forward to visiting again soon.

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