27 APR 2018

Kesgrave High School Quiz Dr Dan

A group of students from Kesgrave High School enjoyed a lively and enthusiastic Question and Answer session with Dr Dan on Friday 27th April, when he dropped in to visit the school.

Following a meeting with the Head, Dr Dan then took to the floor where he was put through his political paces by the group of sixth form students. Having clearly done their homework, the students took the opportunity to quiz Dr Dan on a wide range of local and national issues, and it goes without saying that the topic of Brexit featured highly, particularly in relation to local impact here in Suffolk. There was lively debate amongst the students, on both sides of the debate and aside from Brexit, there was also wider discussion around democracy and voting rights, drugs policy reform, foreign affairs and the conflict in Syria, health and social care funding and education. As part of the discussion Dr Dan was also happy to share his experiences of balancing work as an MP with that of being a part-time NHS doctor.

With such an enthusiastic group of students, Dr Dan's visit was considerably extended to accommodate as many questions as possible – even after the session had drawn to an end, a number of students were keen to catch Dr Dan before he left to squeeze in any further last minute or supplementary questions. Visits such as these really help to strengthen the link between what Dr Dan does as an MP locally here in Suffolk and what he does in Parliament, but they are especially important in engaging and enthusing our next generation of voters and decision makers.

Following the visit, Dr Dan said "It was fantastic to return to Kesgrave High School and to see first-hand the excellent work and progress continuing at the school. It was especially heartening to meet and talk with a group of such happy and motivated students and they were definitely a tough audience – I'd like to commend each and every one of the students who took part in the session. They had clearly put a lot of effort and research into their questions, and sessions such as these are so important for hearing the views of our young people and next generation of voters."


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