05 JUL 2017

Improvements to A140 move a step closer with push from Suffolk MP, Dr Dan Poulter

Member of Parliament for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, Dr Dan Poulter, has today welcomed the news that a bid for funding to improve the A140 near Eye Airfield has been submitted to the Department for Transport.

Mid Suffolk Business Park, located adjacent to the former site of Eye Airfield, plays host to a number of haulage and light industrial businesses who have been attracted to the area by the strong transport and infrastructure links, with the A140 being a key route. Not only is the road the key route between Ipswich and Norwich, but it also carries through traffic from the Midlands and from the Port of Felixstowe, linking directly with the A14.

Many businesses have reported concerns about access to and from their business bases on the Industrial Park, with lengthy queues and delays entering and exiting the area. The main access into the Industrial Park is via an incredibly busy junction and the flow of traffic is all too regularly slowed or halted by vehicles attempting to enter or leave the site, creating the further risk of accidents or diminished road safety,

Dr Poulter has been working closely with Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in pushing for improvements to the A140, a vital economic route for the region, to ensure that Suffolk's road infrastructure is fit for purpose and serves to bolster Suffolk's economic potential.

Aside from access to and from the Industrial Park being difficult, there are also a number of concerns around accidents at the site with a number of road traffic collisions being previously recorded. It is felt by many that the development of a roundabout at this site would significantly help to improve the flow of traffic and reduce the risk of further accidents.

Dr Poulter is delighted that Suffolk County Council has submitted its bid to the Department for Transport to improve traffic flow and safety on the A140 – work here is long overdue and Dr Poulter has been working closely with Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and businesses in the area to bring about this change. A number of businesses here are growing and providing a welcome boost to the local economy, providing much needed employment opportunities for those living nearby, but Dr Poulter fully empathises with the frustration caused by such poor access to and from their business premises. For businesses operating in the road haulage or supply chain sector, scheduling is absolutely critical and delays such as those experienced at this junction are simply unhelpful at best and potentially detrimental to the flow of business.

With further development expected in the area, the time has now come for improvements at this very busy junction.  Dr Poulter is delighted that Suffolk County Council is now working to prioritise these vital Highways improvements and he remains optimistic that the outcome of the bid will be successful.

Stephen Britt, Managing Director of Anchor Storage said "Thanks to the collective efforts of local businesses with support from our local MP, Dr Dan Poulter and Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, I am pleased that a bid has now been submitted to the Department for Transport to bring about much needed improvements to the A140. The Eye Airfield and surrounding industrial areas have been undergoing continuous development and expansion for many years. However, there has been no significant corresponding highway works in the vicinity to complement this growth and improvements are now well overdue. Any failure to address this oversight will undoubtedly discourage further businesses from coming to the area and will also contribute to major traffic holdups, not just on local roads but also on the A140 Norwich Road itself."

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