27 APR 2018

Dr Dan visits River Gipping Trust

Here in Suffolk, we are incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful county; our natural environment is second to none and plays a vital role in supporting Suffolk's booming tourism economy. Sustainable tourism is essential in protecting our natural landscapes and Dr Dan was pleased to visit the River Gipping Trust, to hear about the important work they are doing to manage and improve the River Gipping.

The Trust was granted charitable status in May 2007 and since then, they have been working to promote and develop the natural environment of the Gipping Valley, including maintaining and improving the navigation of the River Gipping and developing and promoting recreational opportunities along the River.

Dr Dan was looking forward to a trip along the River to see the important work being undertaken by the Trust, but unfortunately the seasonal April showers prevented this from taking place. Instead Dr Dan very much enjoyed speaking to some of the team and he is looking forward to making a return visit during the summer months.

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