18 JAN 2019

Danish Crown visit for Local MP

A regular visitor to businesses across Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, local MP Dr Dan Poulter was delighted to visit BQP Foods in Stradbroke again today. Part of the Danish Crown group of companies, UK Market Director, Rob Smith, was delighted to welcome Dr Dan and to update him on the company's latest growth and investment.

Producing raw and cooked pork meats to an incredibly high standard, Danish Crown continue to invest significantly in the UK market and currently contract to over 500 farmers here in East Anglia. Aside from taking the opportunity to update Dr Dan on the company's successes, it was also an opportunity to share come current concerns around Brexit and the knock-on consequences impacting on the workforce and potentially, investment.

In particular, the company has concerns over access to labour and skills, as well as biosecurity, food standards and animal welfare.

Dr Dan has committed to feeding these concerns back to Government and hopes to come back with some reassurances very soon.


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