21 JUN 2018

Suffolk MPs celebrate Suffolk Day with special event in Parliament

In celebration of Suffolk Day, I am delighted to join with my fellow Suffolk MPs in co-hosting a special event in Parliament today to showcase some of the finest food and drink produced right here in Suffolk. MPs, staff and visitors will welcome the likes of Aspall Cyder and Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses, having the opportunity to sample some of Suffolk's finest fayre at the event. If we can capture the outstanding spirit of Suffolk folk at our "Suffolk Day in Parliament" event, it will be a worthy and fitting addition to the day's celebrations.

Championed by BBC Radio Suffolk and the East Anglian Daily Times, last year's inaugural Suffolk Day certainly did everything it set out to do – and more, shouting about all that is great about Suffolk.

It's no wonder that so many visitors choose to make Suffolk their destination of choice each year. With the most easterly point in Britain, Ness Point in Lowestoft, offering early risers the first glimpse of the sunrise, Suffolk also promises the most amount of sunshine and driest climate in the whole of the UK, which only allows for more hours in the day to explore this great county of ours.

Here in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, I believe we have the perfect mix with something to offer everyone. Our vibrant and thriving county town of Ipswich offers a wealth of culture, arts, food and drink, festivals and shopping opportunities and of course, its impressive waterfront.

We are also lucky to have a number of bustling market towns, including Framlingham, Debenham, Eye, Stradbroke and Wickham Market, all surrounded by our rolling countryside and Suffolk's famous wide-open skies. Of course, Suffolk's natural landscape has inspired writers, artists and musicians for centuries – Constable, Munnings and Britten to name a few, but of course more recently our own Ed Sheeran was inspired to write about Framlingham's "Castle on the Hill."

Boasting a long history in farming and food production, Suffolk can also lay claim to some of the finest food and drink in the country – with fine and casual dining, dog-friendly pubs to welcome weary walkers, cafes and farmshops, the choice is vast. And after a busy day's exploring, a welcome tipple from one of Suffolk's award-winning brewers or vineyards is sure to satisfy.

With such a vibrant, growing economy, and outstanding transport links, it's no wonder that so many major businesses and small rural start-ups are choosing to make Suffolk their home.

Every day I represent the people of Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, I am incredibly proud of everything we have to offer here in this great part of Suffolk. I couldn't think of a better place to live and work and I am honoured to have been re-elected to serve this very special part of the county.









17 JUN 2018

Dr Dan calls for an end to the red tape that forces patients to break the law

In calling for a change to the law, allowing doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis, Dr Dan says that the most distressing thing for a doctor is being unable to care properly for a patient. Yet that is the situation that has confronted those looking after Billy Caldwell. Earlier this week, the 12 year old had his first epileptic seizure in more than 250 days after running out of his cannabis oil medication. Within days, Billy was in hospital in a life-threatening condition.

It took days of needless suffering to convince Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, to intervene and permit Billy access to the vital medication. In doing so, he made clear that he was only acting because this was "a medical emergency". Although welcome, Mr Javid's actions to nothing to address the fact that it was the Home Office's outdated rules which were to blame for the deterioration in Billy's health. For almost a week, they left his GP unable to prescribe the medication that had helped to keep him well. Tragically, Billy's is no isolated case. There are many like him.

Thousands of medical research papers make clear that medicinal cannabis can benefit cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS sufferers and those with Multiple Sclerosis. The Home Office stance defies logic and denies help to thousands of people.

The only way medicinal cannabis can be prescribed here is through a complicated licensing scheme. It takes months, sometimes years, of needless bureaucracy for every child like Billy to go through this complex and expensive process. There is no certainty of a positive decision at the end of it.

For the sake of patients, this must change. It would take a simple law tweak to scrap an absurd licensing regime by treating medicinal cannabis products like other medications. We must move control away from the Home Office to the Department of Health and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

As a doctor, I understand the need for debate about wider drugs policy reform. But this should not be confused with Billy's case, which has nothing to do with widening access to street drugs.

Permitting the use of medicinal cannabis is about improving quality of life for patients. We should all unite behind a change – now.

Hear more from Dr Dan when he speaks with BBC Radio 5 Live's Stephen Nolan here.  Fast forward to 1:06 into the show to hear Billy Caldwell's mother, Charlotte Caldwell and then 1:19 into the show to hear Dr Dan.


09 JUN 2018

All the fun of the Fetes as Dr Dan visits Kettleburgh and Offton

Dr Dan was pleased to visit both Kettleburgh and Offton Fetes on Saturday 9th June, where he very much enjoyed visiting the many stalls and talking to a number of visitors, all of whom were enjoying the traditional Fete activities and local produce. Community events such as these play a vital role in our rural communities, bringing together residents and visitors to raise funds for local causes and of course, bringing people together to enjoy the traditional summer fetes.


















08 JUN 2018

Dr Dan visits Suffolk Dairy Farm

Dr Dan was pleased to return to Bullock's Farm in Cotton today, to visit farming brothers Andrew and John Bullock.

During the visit, Dr Dan spoke to Andrew and John to learn more about their family business and to learn more about the issues which are currently concerning our farmers here in Suffolk, before enjoying a tour of the farm and the opportunity to meet the family's dairy herd.

08 JUN 2018

Mendlesham Community Primary School welcomes Dr Dan

As a regular visitor to Mendlesham Community Primary School, Dr Dan enjoyed a brief meeting with staff when he dropped in for a visit on Friday 8th June, before meeting with a lively group of pupils who were very keen to learn more about his work as an MP and how he can help people in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich.

It was clear to Dr Dan that this group of students representing the School Council considered environmental matters a top priority, asking him a number of questions on climate change, reduction of plastics, recycling and deforestation. A little closer to home, the students also took the opportunity to share their concerns with Dr Dan and top of the list was the increase in housing in local villages, rural crime and potholes.

After the visit, Dr Dan said "It's always encouraging to see younger students so engaged with politics, especially coming up with their own ideas and putting forward their own views. It's especially heartening to hear their views on wider world affairs and the students' grasp of the impact of plastic waste was to be commended."

Visits such as these are important in strengthening the link between what Dr Dan does as an MP locally and how he can make sure that the voice of our communities here in Suffolk are heard in Parliament.

31 MAY 2018

Supporting Suffolk's Farmers and Business at 2018 Suffolk Show

The Suffolk Show never fails to deliver and this year was another incredible bumper year for the county's flagship event at Trinity Park this week. Kicking off a busy schedule, I was pleased to meet with senior representatives from the NFU to talk about the organisations' aims and ambitions for British agriculture post-Brexit. Key issues which featured highly on the agenda were trade deals and tariffs, allowing British agriculture to compete effectively with its overseas counterparts, but access to a competent and reliable workforce was highlighted as a key concern with further clarity required around seasonal workforces from the EU and beyond.

I regularly meet with our farmers and food producers here in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and I am looking forward to welcoming a delegation to Westminster later in the autumn of this year.

It was a real pleasure to visit the team at Easton and Otley College, who invited me along to talk about their plans and exciting developments at the Otley Campus. Aside from driving a virtual reality combine harvester, I also enjoyed taking part in the speed reaction challenge, run by the Uniformed Public Services team. The entire team were bursting with pride and enthusiasm and I am very much looking forward to visiting the Campus again soon to learn more.

So much great work goes on at the Suffolk Show to educate our children and young people on the importance of not only eating well – a healthy and balanced diet, but also eating locally and seasonally. The "Farm to Fork" initiative helps to raise awareness of how our food is produced and ultimately reaches our homes; this is so important in not only reducing the number of miles our food travels before it reaches our plates, but also in helping the environment and reducing carbon emissions.

I was especially pleased to see so many thriving businesses in attendance from Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and hope that they all had a very successful show. Although I didn't get to visit everyone, it was great to see such diversity – from food and drink producers to agricultural firms, and home and lifestyle businesses to canine enterprises, we are incredibly lucky to have such a creative and innovative workforce right here in Central Suffolk.


















22 MAY 2018

Dr Dan Poulter supports local community in calls for road safety improvements

Dr Dan Poulter recently met with a group of residents, where he heard more about their concerns around speeding traffic and road safety near the village of Great Bricett.  Dr Dan has pledged to support residents in their calls for road safety improvements to be introduced on the B1078 near the village of Great Bricett.

Residents have been campaigning tirelessly since 2002 to bring about a change to the speed limit on this particularly fast section of the road. Residents of Wallow Lane all too often witness speeding traffic and fear that it is simply a matter of time before a serious accident takes place.

Suffolk Highways are currently consulting residents about the introduction of a reduced speed limit, from 60mph to 40 mph, to improve road safety and to encourage reduced vehicle speeds. Whilst residents welcome this move, they would like to see the 40mph speed limit sign brought forward, before the bend in the road on the B1078, allowing drivers more notice of the change in speed limit.

Speaking after the meeting, Dr Dan said  "I am pleased to support the residents of Wallow Lane in their efforts to improve road safety on this fast moving stretch of road. When I met with the residents, I saw first-hand a number of speeding vehicles approaching. The junction of Wallow Lane is almost invisible from the bend in the road and if anyone were to pull out of the junction, the results could be disastrous. I am pleased that Suffolk Highways is currently consulting to reduce the speed limit in a bid to improve road safety, but I would urge them also to listen to the residents and consider siting the speed limit sign before the bend in the road."


11 MAY 2018

Dr Dan meets Rising Political Star

Following a busy day in Central Suffolk, Dr Dan was delighted to meet with the Member of Youth Parliament for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, Finlay McPherson.

Finlay is a student at Hartismere High School and he was keen to meet with Dr Dan to find out more about the role of an MP and how he can help to best represent his peer group in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich.

Amongst other things, Dr Dan was happy to learn more about Finlay's priorities for improving e-safety, the reduction of voting age and improving mental health facilities in schools here in Suffolk.

Dr Dan is looking forward to welcoming Finlay to Parliament later this year.


11 MAY 2018

Palgrave Primary School put Dr Dan through his paces

A regular visitor to Palgrave Primary School, Dr Dan enjoyed meeting with staff, pupils and Governors when he dropped in for a visit on Friday 11th May.

Dr Dan met with a group of pupils who were very keen to learn more about his work as an MP and how he can help people in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich.

The enthusiastic group had clearly done their homework and put a range of well-considered questions to Dr Dan.  Dr Dan said "It's always encouraging to see younger students so engaged with politics, especially coming up with their own ideas and putting forward their own views."

Visits such as these are important in strengthening the link between what Dr Dan does as an MP locally and how he can make sure that the voice of our communities here in Suffolk are heard in Parliament.

11 MAY 2018

Dr Dan congratulates local business on winning prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise

On Friday 11th May, Dr Dan was pleased to visit local business, C & K Meats to congratulate them on their recent success in being awarded with the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

A regular visitor to the company, Dr Dan enjoyed catching up once more with owners Chris and Kevin Burrows, who started the company in 1994 and now employ over 100 people at the site in Eye, Suffolk.

Dr Dan learned how C & K Meats identified an opportunity to promote British meat to discerning markets overseas and this has seen their business grow dramatically. The company started exporting its high-end products around three years ago and they now export as far afield as Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Uganda and the Philippines, as well as to closer afield in Europe.

Dr Dan was delighted to congratulate Chris and Kevin and wished them every success with their expanding enterprise.

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